Product knowledge

Product description of silica gel desiccant
Type a silica gel desiccant is mainly composed of silica, which is made of sulfuric acid and sodium silicate as raw materials; molecular formula:SiO2·nH2O

Shape: White (yellowish) spherical crystal.

Performance: as the microporous structure of desiccant, it has good affinity for water molecules. The most suitable hygroscopic environment for silica gel is room temperature (20-30) and high temperature (60-90%), which can reduce the relative humidity of the environment to about 40%. It is applicable to control relative humidity for the purpose of moisture-proof in the process of moisture-proof, rust proof and sea transportation.

■ Application: it is commonly used in medicine, food, precision instrument and other articles to absorb water molecules in relative space, with good compatibility and chemical stability。

Blue silica gel: mixed with A-type silica gel, when the storage of the article exceeds the specified time, the water molecule is saturated or the space water content is greater than the article itself, the blue silica gel becomes light pink, which can be visually measured (also known as indicator).

Application: commonly used in precision instruments, camera lens, food shelf life, etc,As a visual inspection of the microscopic changes of the goods within the shelf life.

Storage conditions: when the products are packed in cartons or containers, the humidity shall be kept below 70% RH and the temperature shall be kept around 40 ℃ in a clean and dry warehouse. The shelf life of silica gel desiccant shall be 18-24 months to avoid moisture and mixing with volatile substances.

■ Packaging materials: tea filter paper, composite paper, DuPont paper, three in one paper, non-woven fabric, OPP plastic film, Anilox paper.

■ Production capacity: we can produce all kinds of sizes according to customers' requirements.

quality standard:《Pharmacopoeia 2015》《DrugsYBB00122005-2015》《YBB0072005-2015》《GB/T25436-2010》《HG/72765.6-2005》

Reference value of small package dosage of silica gel desiccant:
(1)  Silica gel desiccant needs to absorb water molecules in a certain space. The moisture absorption rate is relative, not absolute.
The amount of desiccant depends on many factors: the amount of drying space, the material of packaging materials, and the storage environmentAnd shelf life。
(2)  Dosage reference value: outer packing materialCartons and inner packaging are bottledCapsules or tablets

Cubic foot Cubic metre Dosage / g Cubic foot Cubic metre Dosage / g
 0.012   0.0005 1 0.67 0.019 40
 0.024   0.0007 2 0.85 0.024 50
 0.036  0.001 3 1.34 0.038 70
0.06   0.0017 5 1.90 0.054 100
0.13   0.0038 10 4.24 0.121 200
0.29   0.0085 20 9.55 0.271 500
0.49  0.014 30 21.36 0.606 1000